California Family Council is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3), educational organization. Our mission is to protect and foster Judeo-Christian principles in California's laws, for the benefit of its families.

Our foundational pillars affirm:

  • The Protection of the Pre-born – Life is from God, and the life in a womb—though perhaps unplanned—is a baby deserving of our protection.
  • The Plan for Marriage – Marriage between a man and a woman is God's design. Only in the union of a man and a woman can a godly legacy be fruitfully multiplied. Marriage is the building block of a stable society, and from the commitment of a man and woman in marriage comes the best opportunity for children to thrive.
  • The Authority of Parents – Parents have the responsibility of nurturing their children and equipping their children with a worldview. CFC serves to maintain this freedom, exposing and opposing legislation that attempts to usurp the authority of parents in child-rearing.

California Family Council participates with legislators, media outlets, churches and citizens, regarding current policy issues affecting family life.

CFC works directly with legislators, providing informed analysis of current research.

CFC provides media commentary on pro-family issues.

CFC equips and mobilizes citizens by providing relevant and reliable information to California's residents.

California Family Council serves as the statewide family policy council associated with Focus on the Family, an international media ministry based in Colorado Springs, CO.